Karolina Kotorowicz - Putting tests to test – on formative assessment in online teaching

School (even online) cannot exist without assessment. We need to test students for diagnostic purposes, but ‘traditional’ tests are far from perfect: they often fail to offer constructive feedback, cannot be carried out too often and certainly don’t make students feel positive. This is where formative assessment comes to the rescue. It creates a learner-friendly environment, helps students progress linguistically as well as in their life skills. In this webinar, Karolina Kotorowicz explores the basics of formative assessment and shows practical tips for an everyday classroom.

Karolina Kotorowicz-Jasińska is an experienced teacher and a teacher trainer with a strong academic background. She holds a PhD degree in applied linguistics and specialises in ELT methodology. Her teaching practice began when she was still a student and discovered that teaching English was great fun. Since then she has had an opportunity to work with different age groups at all proficiency levels. For many years now, Karolina has been an author of various ELT publications, including students’ book and workbooks. Karolina also works as a DOS at a primary school in the suburbs of Warsaw where she helps the teachers of English to maximize their teaching potential. 

In her private life, Karolina is a health-oriented sports amateur, investing a lot energy into what she loves the most - family, wellness and good food.